Is trans rights activism being used to green light violence against women?

Trans rights activists – which will be shortened to TRAs here- are planning a demonstration of the Let Women Speak event which is to take place in Belfast this Sunday. 

An lqbtqia organisation called Songs for Solidarity Belfast plans to gather in opposition of what it has described as “hate” being brought to “our city”  apparently triggered by the event. 



Let Women Speak is an event which was started and is hosted by women’s rights campaigner and online personality Kellie Jay Keen, who was recently put under police protection and forced to flee New Zealand after being attacked at one of her events in Auckland by TRAs. 

During the chaos that broke out – which was covered in more detail here – Keen had soup poured over her by a ‘trans-woman’, an elderly woman was punched in the face by a man, and another reportedly suffered a broken foot. 

Among those who appear to be planning to disrupt the event in Belfast was a man who suggested that Keen be ‘chucked in the Lagan’ and that she be ‘kicked out of Belfast’. 



Now whether or not any of the TRAs in Belfast are actually planning to physically harm Keen or anyone in attendance is debatable, but the Dublin Let Women Speak event which was due to take place this Saturday in St. Stephen’s Green was cancelled allegedly due to a lack of available Gardaí due to the visit of US President Joe Biden. 

Why would a women’s speaking event being held in leafy South Dublin even need a substantial police presence? 

It seems that many TRAs have a tendency to label speech they hate as ‘hate speech’ with some feeling entitled to physically attack women whose speech they find unfavourable. 

Last week American champion swimmer Riley Gains, who is an outspoken critic of trans athletes like Lia Thomas, said she was “ambushed and physically hit twice by a man” at a speaking event which was interrupted by – you guessed it – TRAs. 



In the video Riley (22) shared on her Twitter as she ran for safety a rather unhinged voice can be heard repeatedly shouting ‘trans rights are human rights’. 

I seem to remember the slogan ‘women’s rights are human rights’ being used to try and justify abortion – the irony of having gone so quickly from arguing about the biological facts of what constitutes a human child to arguing about the biological facts of what constitutes a woman is certainly not lost on me, but perhaps that’s a conversation for another day.

Also in the US Dylan Mulvaney has supplanted numerous women after being awarded deals with Nike women’s wear, and an ad campaign for beauty chain Ulta. 

He was also apparently sent free tampons by Tampax for some reason- no holes barred it seems.  

How is it that in just a few short years biological men who say they are women have been granted access to many of the most intimate and hard won female spaces and public arenas – this coupled with a seemingly firm belief that their life choices must be celebrated and embraced? 

A 37 year old man who is over six feet tall and reportedly started identifying as a woman two years ago has passed exams to the exclusive Royal Academy of Ballet. . 


Elsewhere Finland recently welcomed its first trans woman ice skater with rather dubious results. 



As you may have guessed I wouldn’t really agree with a lot of what passes for the dogma of modern day feminists, I’m pro-life, I think men suffer in life as much as women and – although I work and support myself – I see the value in many traditional gender roles, you get the gist. 

However it would seem that the trans movement has put a need for women’s rights activism back on the table while simultaneously uniting women who would have traditionally been ideologically opposed on some issues of fundamental moral importance. 

Having seen the chaos that erupted in New Zealand it’s easy to imagine why women planning to attend the event in Belfast would fear for their physical safety. 





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