Is the NWCI a state funded protest group?

Arrogance often causes its subjects to go too far at times. It would appear that the National Women’s Council of Ireland may have done so in organising what is effectively a protest rally of the liberal left at Leinster House on March 5, as part of  International Women’s Day on March 8. 

As Gript reported on Monday, the NWCI has invited a list of speakers not only from others on the NGO A List, but representatives of Sinn Féin, People Before Profit. Labour and the Social Democrats. You may be certain that almost all of the other speakers are likewise members of these left liberal groups or similar.

The focus has been on the non-invitation of any women from the government parties, but this also extends – as has been pointed out by Marian Harkin TD and Senator Sharon Keoghan – to independent women members of the Oireachtas.

On Liveline on Tuesday, presenter Joe Duffy also posed the question, more rhetorical of course, if “Only women who are pro-choice will be allowed speak.?” None of those who took part in the discussion to defend what the NWCI is now describing as a “protest rally” denied this and in response one of the People Before Profit participants unleashed a string of infantile slogans about abortion and Fine Gael having to have been “dragged through Repeal.”

Some other person referred to those objecting to the nature of the March 5 event as behaving in an “entitled manner.” Which is a bit rich let us face it when discussing anything related to such an entity as the NWCI whose claim to be representative of Irish women in general is both highly subjective and unsupported by its likely membership which is so small that it only contributed €13,357 in individual subscriptions in 2020.

The paltry sum collected from individual members –  as opposed to corporate membership from their other friends in the NGO sector – would support the reasonable assumption that we are talking about an actual membership of several hundred. There are medium-sized GAA clubs which take in more in membership subscriptions every year.

Of course unlike genuinely representative organisations – and in common with the rest of the left liberal NGO nomenklatura – the NWCI is almost totally dependent on the taxpayer in order to fund what it describes as its “charitable activities” which mostly consists of paying themselves salaries and related administration and office costs including pensions amounting to more than €900,000 in 2020.  Just 6% of the almost one million euro trousered –  or skirted or whatever the appropriate term is – in 2020 was spent on “projects”.

And where does the bulk of that income – €968,048 in 2020 – attributed to  ‘charitable activities,’ come from? Their expenditure is also described as “charitable” in their financial statements.

Now, perhaps I am a bit dim but isn’t the whole point of charity that it involves giving not taking? Of course, in the strictest meaning of the word, the NWCI in common with all their buddies across all of the “Non Governmental Organisations” are the Bull Goose top earning blind beggars of medieval Paris when it comes to being at the top of the charity game. Whose charity? Well, yours actually.

Of course, you will search in vain through your pay slips or bank debits to find “Pay to the National Women’s Council of Ireland…” etc, etc. They are too modest to be like upfront and demand your cash “by order of the Peaky Choicers.” Ah no. they modestly prefer to wet their beaks through the common fund that you in your innocence believe solely goes to ensure social order and well-being.



As you can see, you the taxpayer whether through your earnings or VAT and other state contributions gifted the NWCI with €841,528 or 87% of its income in 2020.

Perhaps you do not mind. Perhaps you are one of the hundreds of people who made a choice to become a member of the National Women’s Council of Ireland. Perhaps you may even be a member or a supporter of Sinn Féin, Labour, People Before Profit or the Social Democrats or someone who laughably describes themselves as an “anarchist” and have no objection to your tax money being used to effectively support those political parties as they prepare for the next general elections whenever they take place.

Finally, there is also apart from the fact that a state -funded body is hosting what is effectively an anti-government rally – and believe me I have no sympathy for those in Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael who have created this monster – there is the bare-faced attempt to make out that being opposed to violence against women is in some way exclusive to the left.

As Joe Duffy was in the process of saying “apart from some psychopaths” there are few people who are in support of violence against women. So are the NWCI and the speakers on March 5 basically claiming that if you don’t support them then you are some sort of fiend who might either engage in violence against women, or secretly support it?

Where does that leave all the millions of women and girls who have been and still are the victims of the ideologies of the parties whose representatives will be virtue signalling on that day? Are the women and girl slaves of socialism part of this? Are the women who “disappeared” during failed revolutions? Or whose rapes were covered up so as not to embarrass the comrades in the leadership?

Enough of this sanctimonious hypocrisy.

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