Remember, it’s not his own money Simon Coveney is spending here, it’s yours:

It must be great to have unlimited access to other people’s money so that you can spend millions and millions of euros for no other reason than to get a pat on the head from Fintan O’Toole and Guy Verhofstadt.

If you’re reading this story, then you’ve probably read the various other stories we’ve done on just how useless the WHO actually is. If you haven’t, go take a look.

Why is Ireland doing this?

Well, nobody – presumably not even Fine Gael, believes that the WHO is much use for anything during this crisis. FG might be willing to hand over millions of quid, but they’re not, remember, willing to take WHO advice, which remains that travel bans and restrictions are ineffective.

“The WHO is important”, they say, “but you should all stay at home and not travel anywhere, even though the WHO says that doesn’t work”.

They won’t say that, because even highlighting the WHO advice (which is clearly wrong) might encourage some poor people to believe it.

It’s better just to hand over loads of cash so that the WHO can promote its useless advice in other countries.

And of course it has the benefit of getting Ireland some nice coverage amongst the more mindlessly lefty quarters of New York and Los Angeles. You can expect a few nice stories comparing Ireland’s noble liberal Government to the mindless thug in the White House.

It’s basically cheap advertising. It has nothing to do with health at all.

But it’s not his money, it’s yours, and it’s being spent on nonsense like this.

Oh well, only five more years until Sinn Fein are in Government, and then your money won’t be going to the WHO. It’ll be going to Cuba and Venezuela. Which might not actually be much worse, when you think about it.