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“Ireland! Avoid Sweden’s mistake!”: Swedish MEP on migration

A Swedish MEP has spoken out in support of Ireland’s protests against mass migration, warning the government that “sustainable migration policies” are “needed now.”

The remarks were made in the European Parliament this week by Charlie Weimers MEP of the Sweden Democrats party.

“Politicians rarely give their opponents advice on how to win elections,” he said.

“But the Irish protests against mass migration actually call for an exception.”

Weimers went on to criticise the ways in which the Irish establishment had handled the protests to date.

“People are taking to the streets to alert the political establishment to communities [feeling] overwhelmed, unable to handle the volumes of people entering Ireland,” he said.

“The answer? Labelling opponents ‘far-right.’”

Weimers claimed that this was a pattern seen in Swedish politics as well.

“They did the same in Sweden,” he said.

“As the Sweden Democrats entered parliament, the centre-right government made an open borders pact with the Greens.”

Notably, last year the rightwing Sweden Democrats became the largest party in Sweden’s new government coalition. The party describes itself as both nationalist, and socially conservative, and advocates for more restrictive immigration policies.

Weimers attributed his party’s success to the previous government’s unwillingness to address serious concerns around mass migration.

“Smears instead of solutions is a big reason my party became the leading party right of centre last year in Sweden,” he said.

“Smears. Slurs. This is how open borders advocates seek to stifle dissent on migration. It didn’t work in Sweden. It won’t work in Ireland.”

He added that “sustainable migration policies to deal with the volumes are needed now.”

“I urge the Irish establishment to listen to the people”, he said.

“Avoid Sweden’s mistake. For the sake of the Irish people, but also for the sake of the Europeans.

“The battle over EU migration policies is right here, right now. Join us int he fight for secure borders and controlled migration, and avoid the fate of those who bitterly cling to open borders.”

This is not the first time Weimers has weighed in on the Irish migration debate.

In June of last year, the MEP slammed then-Taoiseach Micheál Martin to his face for “exacerbating” migration related problems in Europe, claiming that Ireland’s “mass amnesty for illegal migrants” would serve as a “pull factor” to encourage law breakers. He said that Ireland’s policy was “reckless.”

Gript subsequently spoke to Weimers in an interview, which can be viewed below.

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