Investigation shows Direct Provision “dinner in a bag” video was faked 

At a time when many journalists seem like mouthpieces for the establishment, kudos to the Galway City Tribune  for undertaking an investigation into claims made regarding food being served in a Direct Provision Centre in Salthill. 

The perpetually outraged Abolish Direct Provision Campaign (ADPC) posted a video purporting to show dinner being served in plastic bags to their Twitter account on November 2nd. It made some pretty strong claims.

Asylum seekers were served dinner in plastic bags “every day by the chef” in the direct provision centre, the campaign declared.

They also claimed that when people in the centre complained to the management they were threatened that this would “affect their case” for asylum. In the comments underneath the video, plenty of people had harsh words for those operating the centre, who they named, as well as naming other businesses they also operated.

The video, which was retweeted by a People Before Profit Councillor amongst more than a thousand others, was viewed almost 200,000 times.


Now the Galway City Tribune has shown that the video is fake news, a set up staged by a resident in the direct provision centre who was “disgruntled”  about another matter.

Reporter Stephen Corrigan says: “a widely circulated video that purported to show food being served in a plastic bag at the Eglinton Direct Provision Centre was a setup staged by a disgruntled resident, the Galway City Tribune can reveal.”

“CCTV footage seen by this newspaper shows that the resident who captured the footage opted to have the food served in the carrier bag – refusing both a plastic container and plate,” he writes.

“The footage shows that the resident was served four meals in all – three of which were presented in containers similar to those used in takeaway restaurants. When the member of staff reached for the fourth container, the resident picked up a plastic bag and can be seen indicating that they wished to have the food placed inside.”

“The Galway City Tribune understands that the resident involved had been reprimanded for an entirely separate issue and is alleged to have ‘set up’ the circumstances of this video in retaliation.”

The paper also reported in its print edition that the manager of the direct provision centre said the was “set up to mislead the public”. He was probably too polite to add “with the conniving help of the useful idiots and those who are wilfully dishonest on Twitter”.

The ADPC have, of course, rejected the outcome of the investigation. They prefer to make ludicrous claims that direct provision amounts to the “incarceration of families” in “camps in Ireland”.

The Irish Mirror hasn’t corrected its story on the fake scandal, and a piece from the Irish Sun ludicrously describing the video as “harrowing” remains on its website.  The Journal’s piece  repeating the fake story and advertising a planned protest re the same remains unchanged.

Since the video was posted, the centre had been audited by IPAS – the State’s International Protection Accommodation Services – as well as the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and independent auditor QTS, the Galway City Tribune says. The audit found no evidence of meals being served in plastic bags.

The manager of the direct provision centre also said that the staff working in the place had found the fake video and the subsequent reaction upsetting. There was no sympathy, of course, from the insane left in Ireland for the ordinary people, most likely working for low wages, being painted as horrible monsters for serving food to those seeking asylum.

One former volunteer had this to say:

“This video is staged. I’ve volunteered in the Eglinton since 2004 & know the ordinary hard working staff there are so hurt about this lie being spread online. A resident handed the kitchen worker a plastic bag, demanded that food be placed in it for takeaway & then took a video.”



Fair play to him for speaking out. But, to date, Twitter has not removed a video that has been shown to be a lie staged in a devious fashion to create fake news. Remember that the next  time you see a viral video that makes the kind of claim that usually goes unchecked by  the Irish media.  Well done to Galway City Tribune for bucking the trend.

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