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Injunctions and threats of expulsion rock farmers as Tóibín slams Hogan

Two meat processors, ABP and Dawn, were granted temporary High Court injunctions yesterday prohibiting blockades by beef farmers, whilst the Beef Plan Movement last night threatened expulsion for any members who protest at meat factory gates.

The moves come after protests by individual farmers recommenced at factories following the breakdown of negotiations between processors and the Beef Plan Movement of farmers.

Commenting on the prices received by farmers from the major players in the beef industry, Aontú leader and Meath TD Peadar Tóibín said “Paying farmers a rate for their produce which is below the production costs, while the processing industry continues showing substantial profits, is economically unjust…The absence of government support for beef farmers, combined with the disastrous EU-Mercosur trade deal, negotiated by Fine Gael’s European Commissioner Phil Hogan, it is clear that economic justice for ordinary Irish people, including farmers, is far from what the government is pursuing.”

The threats of expulsion from the Beef Plan Movement were handed down via Whatsapp groups last night, with members told they had “unequivocally and unconditionally withdrawn all protests from all meat processor sites” since August 9.

IFA President Joe Healy told RTÉ, “It’s a waste of time going back in (to negotiations) if we can’t talk about price. We mentioned price every time we were in there but unfortunately it couldn’t be talked about, or so we were told.”

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