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If you destroy your passport you should be sent home. It’s that simple. 

It has been interesting lately to see certain issues raised that several months ago would have been taboo. On Thursday another media outlet used the same statistics previously sent to Gript by a reader for a piece on the number of asylum seekers who present themselves at Dublin airport having lost or destroyed their travel documentation. 

I wrote a story about this at the end of August.  The statistics from the Department of Justice, which our resourceful reader managed to secure, make for stark and indeed alarming reading, and are worth re-posting.

What they prove is that, to the end of July this year, over 76% of those who were permitted to claim asylum here had no passport or other documentation to prove where they had come from. 

Presumably they had embarked in a jurisdiction less shambolic than the one which seemingly operates here where they would have had to present such documents in order to be allowed to fly.

It’s worth stating that fact again – no-one gets onto a plane without a passport or other documentation. 

That of course, means that while enroute to Ireland several thousand people simply destroyed their passports and other documentation that might be used to identify them. In most normal functioning states that would mean that the person would most likely be put back onto a flight to wherever they had come from.  

So if they get off the plane in Ireland without that identifying documentation, they’ve destroyed it for a reason. They should be sent home. 

There are many videos and photos on social media of supposed asylum seekers destroying documentation while en route to another country. It is, of course, difficult to verify any such content, but the numbers released by the Department of Justice tell their own story. 

It is not normal practise to simply allow a person without documentation into your country, for a myriad of reasons, including the security of your citizens. 

Try it sometime if you don’t believe me in JFK or Charles de Gaulle. What their reaction would be if you then claimed to be fleeing persecution in Ireland is anyone’s guess. I doubt they would take too much time in deciding upon your application, and I doubt very much if you would be permitted to stay and claim free state provision for as long as that takes. 

And yet, most of the people who arrive in Ireland to claim asylum from the International Protection Office are from safe countries – countries like Georgia and Nigeria and South Africa where there are free and open democratic elections and in which there are no internationally accepted grounds for large numbers of people claiming to be fleeing persecution. 

The reaction of the vast majority of people when they read of such a scandalous situation is strikingly common sensical. 

If you arrive here with no documentation then you should be sent back to where you came from. No ifs or buts or maybes. People fleeing countries where there are circumstances that justify them having fled ought to be quickly assessed, and then deported if they are among the vast majority of those who fail to satisfy the criteria here. 

What happens in Ireland of course is that, unless you are pretty dim or do not have a good taxpayer funded NGO legal team who know the ropes to back you up, you will almost certainly beallowed to stay in this country for as long as you want. 

Not only that, but if you have come here illegally – most likely through some criminal smuggling gang – then you are now given an amnesty. And the Irish state will guarantee you a house and free stuff for the rest of your life, and the lives of as many of your friends and relations you can persuade the Pollyannas here to allow to join you.

It is an entirely preposterous and unsustainable situation and most of the media, this platform aside, either ignored it or facilitated NGOs in smearing people who raised any issues about immigration as ‘far-right’. 

Most people were possibly prepared – certainly our politicians were – to ignore this or dismiss it as too minor a problem to be that worried about. It is clearly not a minor problem. Nor can it be ignored when even the slower dogs in the street are starting to cop on to the fact that is simply impossible to run a normal state while promising all of the above to whoever manages to have a Golden Ticket to the chocolate factory. And at least the original Willy Wonka only admitted those with a ticket.

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