HSE to Trans group TENI: we’ll freeze funding as you don’t produce accounts

It would seem that the lead transgender activist NGO, Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), has found itself in spot of bother. According to a piece in The Burkean based on an internal email sent by the Health Services Executive to TENI CEO Sara Philips on June 11, the HSE said “may have to freeze funding” because of a failure to supply audited accounts for 2018 and having also failed so far to deliver accounts for 2019 which the HSE requested to see before the promised September date.

It has also been reported in The Phoenix that the HSE confirmed that monthly funding to TENI was suspended since June 2019 because of the failure to produce the accounts by that date.

As Gript mentioned previously, apropos a TENI-led witchhunt against Sinn Féin TD Chris Andrews over a valid opinion on transgender sports, TENI’s 2019 Annual Report claimed that “due to circumstances beyond our control,” that they would be unable to provide an audit of what exactly became of all the money they had received.

As the Burkean states, we are talking about a lot of money here. The HSE alone has given TENI €1.3 million since 2014. They have also been the recipients of considerable amounts of money channelled through other sources. These have included the Sigrid Rausing Trust which has bunged them €385,000. The Rausing Trust is a means of dispensing part of the considerable estate of the founder of Tetra Pak towards all manner of leftie quangos.

TENI had rapidly become the go-to organisation for all transgender matters, with many professional and representative bodies eager to show support. The INTO, which represents primary school teachers, for example, includes the organisation’s teaching resources on its website – while TENI says its aim is to ‘transform the classroom’.

The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) recently co-authored a guide to transgender healthcare with TENI’s health and education manager. As Gript reported: “sections of the ICGP document were taken directly from material TENI had previously been involved in the creation of, with some parts being word for word copies of TENI material.”

“One section described puberty blockers as ‘reversible interventions” whilst making no note about the research limitations in this area or the growing concerns regarding this claim,” Gary Kavanagh noted. Following Gript’s investigation, the guide was removed from the ICGP’s site.

TENI, according to Benefacts, employed 5 full time staff the last time it told anyone what it was up to, and as recently as May was advertising for new jobs on its website. How it will continue to pay the wages is anyone’s guess. The corporate Woke money will only go so far, and they will need to ensure that the taxpayer continues to pick up most of the tab.

The organisation still has friends of course. Some of these were no doubt responsible for forcing Chris Andrews to issue a grovelling apology for liking a tweet that pointed out what the Olympics are once again confirming: the absurdity and indeed unfairness – something allegedly dear to the hearts of all of the Woke left – of biological males competing in women’s sports.

One of those friends is Mark Ward TD, a recent joiner of the Sinn Féin party he once was not too fond of, but that’s for another day.  On March 31 this year, Ward referred to a meeting he had had with TENI and BeLonG. Both of these organisations were apparently lobbying to ensure that they continued to wet their beaks in the funding made available under the Oireachtas Vote for Children, Inequality, Disability, and Integration.

The Minister for all of that, Roderic O’Gorman responded, that he was only delighted to hear of Ward’s “engagement” with TENI and implied that of course the concerns of TENI and BeLonG would be taken into consideration when framing “hate” legislation. In the same way, perhaps, as other trans activists were in framing the legislation that became the Gender Recognition Act.

The consultation group appointed by former Minister Regina Doherty included Sara Philips of TENI, Moninne Griffith of BeLonG, as well as Seamus Byrne of IndividualiTy, another Trans activist group.  The only doctor who was part of a consultation for legislation that has potentially serious medical and psychological implications was Dr. Tanya Ní Mhuirthile but her speciality is law.

So there is no doubt but that TENI seems to have the political elite by the balls, so to speak. Whether that will be enough to ensure that all of the rest of us continue to support them in their nice jobs is another matter. Certainly, any other publicly funded body that was unable to produce evidence of where all the money was spent would not see another cheque. At the very least.




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