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Housing crisis leading almost one third of Irish people to consider emigration

A new poll has found that almost a third of people say they are considering emigrating because of the crisis in rental and housing – and that rises to 75% for those under 25 years of age., who commissioned the poll question, say “as part of a survey carried out by Amarach a thousand people were asked ‘Would the accommodation crisis make you consider leaving Ireland?'”.

The findings echo a September 2002 poll by Red C which found that more than 70% of young people in Ireland aged 18-24 are considering moving abroad for a better quality of life. reports that:

While 62% of people asked said they have no plans to leave the country, a sizeable 30% said they would consider it while 8% were unsure.

But the number of young people amongst those thinking about emigrating jumps to as high as 75% for those aged under 25 years old and 55% for those aged between 25 and 34.

CSO figures showed that 27,600 Irish people emigrated in the year to April 2022.

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