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Hong Kong: Police warn they will use live rounds on pro-democracy students 

Photo Credit: CC by 4.0 Pakkin [email protected]

Students at at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University have been told by police that live bullets will be used against pro-democracy protesters who have been under siege for a week at the college. 

This morning, police broke through the makeshift barricades erected by students, who had held out against against tear gas, water cannon and police trucks for the longest stand off in the six month conflict in the Chinese-run territory.

Rev Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defence Coalition, who is on the ground at the university said the situation was extremely tense. “Yesterday morning, 2100 tear gas canisters were fired against peaceful protesters at the university and we are witnessing excessive police brutality at the campus,” he told Gript News.


News photographer, Stephen Boitano, told Mahoney that “the police are not going to give up, the protesters are not going to give up, it keeps escalating.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that a Polytechnic Council member Owan Li had become visibly upset when he made a public appeal to the Hong Kong government to “do something to save this university, save the students, save Hong Kong’s future.”

Mr. Li told the media he was “terrified” for the many students and protesters that were on campus. “Every single person is important. Every life is important. Every one inside is a Hong Konger.”

Last week Mr Li was dragged and beaten by masked police as they stormed the university.

Rev Mahoney and fellow human rights activist Rev. Bill Devlin also prayed for “freedom, peace and spiritual awakening in Hong Kong”.


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