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He said the Chinese Premier was a power-hungry clown. Then he vanished. Now Beijing says he’s being  investigated. 

Ren Zhiqiang, a wealthy developer and outspoken critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), disappeared last month. Now the Chinese authorities say he was arrested and is being investigated. 

The New York Times previously reported  that Mr Ren, a member of the CCP, had written a “scathing essay” describing the Chinese Premier, Xi Jinping, as a clown who sought power – and said the restrictions on free speech by the CCP had worsened the spread of COVID-19.

“I see not an emperor standing there exhibiting his ‘new clothes,’ but a clown who stripped naked and insisted on continuing to be an emperor,” he wrote.

“You don’t in the slightest hide your resolute ambition to be an emperor and your determination to destroy anyone who won’t let you.”

The Chinese authorities have been anxious to quell any criticism of its slow response to the pandemic, attempting to blame the US at one point for the spread of the disease. The CCP has a long record of intolerance of any dissent from any source in the populous country.

“The government has monitored Mr. Ren’s movements intensely” ever since his essay was published, the NYT reported, saying he was prevented from leaving the country and that his popular social media accounts had been deleted.

“We’re very worried about him,” said Wang Ying, a retired entrepreneur and friend of Mr. Ren’s told the paper.  “I will continue to look for him.”

Now Beijing says Mr Ren is being formally investigated and faces allegations of committing “serious violations” of the law and of Communist Party regulations. While his outspoken criticisms in the past earned him the nickname “The Cannon” on Chinese social media, his most recent essay came at a time of increased sensitivity for the CCP.

The Chinese government seeks to portray Mr Xi  as a strong leader who took decisive action against COVID-19 but deep anger persists in the country as to the fallout from the government’s response to the virus.

Mr Ren had previously come under scrutiny in China when he wrote that China’s news media should serve the people, not the party – contradicting the official position of the CCP.

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