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Hairdresser to defy lockdown by offering free “essential cuts”

Limerick hairdresser Niall Colgan has said he will provide free “essential cuts” to people experiencing health problems.

Niall Colgan Hairdressing in Limerick City will open its doors to “do a few haircuts on clients” that the owner deems “essential”.

Mr. Niall Colgan took to Instagram last night to explain his decision to break the current Level 5 lockdown restrictions to serve clients presenting with exceptional hardships.

“Report me, or jail me, or stop me, or whatever you want to do but there are in some instances hairdressing services which we deem essential and they need to take place now,” Colgan said.

“I am returning to the salon this week to do a few haircuts on clients that I am deeming essential.

“I have got clients that are post-chemotherapy, their hair is completely out of control and, for their mental health, after everything they have been through – with illness, lockdown, and not being able to see people and so on – they really, really want to have their hair cut. They know how safe an environment it is going to be.

“I’ve got a client who suffers from trichotillomania and if I don’t cut her hair she is going to pull it out, and that is going to add to her mental health and anxiety issues,” he explained.

“I won’t charge as I’m not looking to profit from my decision… unlike all of the hairdressers working in the shadow economy.

“I’ve been thinking a lot this week about certain things and this is lockdown number three, and while we have stuck religiously to every single guideline that has been given to us from March 2020 until today, I firmly believe we are in a situation now that somebody has to take a stand.”

Some of the clients “really, really need to have their hair cut and they do not want to go and avail of hairdressers in the shadow economy, and they want me to cut their hair and I am going to do it this week.

“I’m sorry if I’m offending you and I’m sorry if that’s too controversial, but for my clients’ mental health this needs to be done,” he said.


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