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Groom dies and 80 test Covid positive: Indian wedding called a ‘super-spreader event’

A wedding in the eastern Indian state of Bihar is being described as a “super-spreader” event after the groom died and between 80 and 100 guests tested positive for Covid-19. Some 350 people attended the wedding in breach of Covid-19 regulations.

The groom (30), who was said to have displayed symptoms of the virus before and during the wedding, died two days later. His official cause of death has not been confirmed.

India Today reported that the man, a software engineer from Gutugram, was cremated without being tested for the virus, but that when the wedding party was tested up to 100 guests were found to have been infected.

On June 15, the date of wedding, the groom was running a high fever and had diarrhoea, but his family reportedly insisted it go ahead citing significant financial losses if the arrangements were cancelled at the last minute,  reported Outlook India.

India’s rates of coronavirus continue to rise, with some 570,000 cases now confirmed.


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