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“Government’s smug game of musical chairs fails to deliver a single new policy”

Rural TDs have described the appointment of a new Cabinet as a “smug game of musical chairs” and says that “the three governmental parties’ game of delivering lucrative jobs and perks is a million miles removed from the reality that many will face at Christmas – queuing at food banks and being unable to afford to heat their homes.”

The leader of the Rural Independent Group Deputy Mattie Mc Grath, said that last Saturday’s governmental rotation ” was a charade” and was “arrogantly done and delivered zilch for ordinary voters.”

The rotation has proven to be all about rewarding Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, and the Green party insiders who are loyal to their leader,” he said.

The government said that the personnel of the Cabinet with a rotating Taoiseach had changed very little in order to minimize political risk and ensure stability.

However, the Tipperary TD said that his Rural group saw things differently – and that incompetence was being “rewarded”.

“Rewarding incompetence while performing a self-serving gloating exercise is deeply disrespectful to the public. Yet shockingly, the three political parties involved are seemingly not concerned with this, as continuing with the status quo is their only priority,” he said.

“It’s no secret that between runaway inflation, botched immigration controls, health care chaos, a spectacular lack of delivery on housing, and general government dysfunction, this coalition is certainly not basking in popularity sunshine,” he added.

“It is as if the rotation of government has occurred in some kind of parallel dimension, far removed from the daily realities facing the public – incapable of affording groceries, heating homes, paying for next month’s rent or mortgage, or fulfilling a child’s Christmas Wish list.”

“The mid-term point in this coalition’s tenure was nothing short of a mockery – a day when jobs were delivered to ministers who have failed the public. Neither a single new policy has been announced nor have the three coalition parties produced a single page of their performance reviews over the last 30 months. In reality or in any other democracy, this would be unacceptable.”

“It is evident that the status quo of this three-party coalition is failing spectacularly to solve the housing crisis, tackle the chronic hospital waiting lists, and get the cost-of-living crisis under control. For instance, the three parties failed to produce a single new line of policy at their mid-term reflection point, despite the CSO data now showing that 43 percent of renters were thinking of leaving Ireland to find better and cheaper housing abroad,” the Independent TD said

He also accused the government of being “heartless”  towards the pressing needs of citizens.

“This government’s lack of sensitivity to other people’s needs is heartless. It is clear that the privileged positions of government ministers have caused the government to become ‘tone deaf’ and ‘blind’ to the dire need for change in crucial areas of public policy,” Deputy McGrath said.

“It is also evident that this coalition is devoid of ideas and credible policies. Instead, they are acting as if they have a ‘holier than thou’ right to be in government and enjoy the privileges of power.”

“When this government assumed office in June 2020, for the sake of the economy and the welfare of Ireland, I had hoped that it would succeed. However, that hope has now been dashed, as the country’s problems grow exponentially daily,” concluded Deputy Mc Grath.

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