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“Government and suppliers making unprecedented profits on the back of the energy crisis – windfall tax needed now!” – Tóib

Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín TD has hit out at the government and electricity suppliers for not doing more to reduce the cost of electricity for families and households. 

Speaking today, Deputy Tóibín said:

“According to data released by the CSO and reported in the media today, wholesale prices for electricity reduced by more than 13% last month, and 42% in comparison to this time last year. Customers, however, have not seen a reduction in the amount they are billed for. Meanwhile, data secured by Aontú shows that the government are creaming more in tax than ever before on the back of the fuel crisis. While they have reduced percentages and taxes, the amount they are taking in – in terms of money – is still much more than in normal times”.

Deputy Tóibín continued: “This is very hard for the ordinary person to swallow – to learn that despite swearing black and blue that they’re doing all they can, the government and energy suppliers are actually cashing in on this crisis and set to turn over huge profits. It is deeply unjust. We have people all over the country struggling to pay bills, cutting back on food spending so they can afford to pay their gas or electricity bills, and it is as if the government and large suppliers are laughing in their faces”.

“A windfall tax on energy companies is needed urgently. The government have been promising a windfall tax for nearly 10 months and none exists. Many EU countries have implemented a windfall tax in the interim. The current proposals are too weak, in terms of the caps that they set, and would leave many companies in a position to continue to rake in huge profits. But even these proposals are still mere proposals, and have not been passed by the Dáil – the government need to stop sitting on their hands and do something for those who are most vulnerable!”, concluded Tóibín.

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