A young person has suffered a severe asthma attack after going out socialising with friends, in direct violation of the government’s social distancing guidelines.

In a statement on Facebook, the official Garda account said: “A group of 5 young people out socializing all night last night. One, who was supposed to be self-isolating pending a COVID 19 test but was bored and decided to join his friends. One of these youths suffered a severe asthma attack.”


The statement went on to urge parents to take greater responsibility for their children, saying “This action put the safety of the Emergency Services, and continued service to the public, at risk. Parents – step up to the mark. Your responsibility. We are busy enough!

Outraged comments began to flood in, with Facebook users widely condemning the apparent complacency of both the youths and their parents.



This was the latest in a trend of young people coming under scrutiny from the emergency services, with the Dublin Fire Brigade taking to Twitter last week to blast young arsonists who had started a fire in Finglas amid the covid-19 crisis.