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G7 advised to push for abortion up to birth as means of promoting ‘gender equality’

G7 leaders have been told to promote Canada-style abortion laws, which include abortion up to birth, in an effort to promote “gender equality”. The Gender Equality Advisory Council also told leaders that “misleading” pro-life content online should be censored.

The Recommendations for Advancing Gender Equality document cites a French law which prohibits “misinformation on abortion when it aims to intentionally mislead women on abortion.” Critics say the law is ideologically biased and appears to make pro-life messaging that dissuades women from having abortions illegal.

The Advisory Council cited Canada’s abortion law as an example of a law which protects the “right to choose and right to have a safe abortion”, something they claim is “fundamental to advancing the rights of girls and women in the G7 countries.” The document did not reference the significant problem of sex-selective abortions in Canada and elsewhere.

Catherine Robinson of Right To Life UK said: “It is not at all clear how promoting extreme abortion legislation (or any abortion legislation for that matter) advances the empowerment of women. As is well-known by now, sex-selective abortion is responsible for 63 million women “missing” women in India alone and likely millions more in across the globe. Ironically the Gender Equality Advisory Council is promoting a practice which has women as it’s primary victims.”

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