Photo credit: @Philip_Ryan via Twitter

Free tampon dispenser installed in men’s toilet in Leinster House

A tampon dispenser has been installed in the men’s bathroom at the government building of Leinster House, apparently in an effort to ensure gender neutrality for males who may be menstruating.

The revelation came from Irish Independent editor Philip Ryan earlier this week, who posted a photo of the dispenser on Twitter. “Just installed in men’s toilet in Leinster House,” he wrote.

The post was immediately met with ridicule and disbelief from shocked Twitter users.

“The first Dáil was just over 100 years ago – they’d have a great laugh if they were still around,” said one user, posting a clown emoji.

“A thundering waste of taxpayer money,” wrote another.

Some individuals expressed outright disbelief.

Is this a joke or what? World gone mad sadly,” one said.

Still more said the move was “more woke nonsense,” “woke on speed,” and that “Ireland has officially jumped the shark.”

One person even called it “performative nonsense.”

However, not everyone found the move ridiculous.

“About time,” said Journalist Donal O’Keeffe, in response to the photo.

“Men with vaginas have periods too. This is fab,” said another user.

The move is the latest in a series of policies the government has put forward to make society more “gender neutral.”

Government ministers have already begun to use less gendered language, such as Equality Minister Roderic O’Gorman using the phrase “person power” rather than “manpower” this week.

Primary school teachers in Ireland have also been urged not to use the phrase “boys and girls” when referring to classes, and have been told instead to choose a more gender neutral alternative.

Irish primary teachers discouraged from saying “boys & girls”

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