Credit: Leo Varadkar /Instagram

‘Forcing children to wear a mask as you go maskless’: Internet responds to Varadkar’s Instagram post

Politicians have been criticised on social media after Tánaiste Leo Varadkar shared an image of government representatives visiting the site of a new school build in Dublin 15.

In the photo, which was taken outdoors, all 12 children pictured wore masks whilst the leader of Fine Gael and his colleagues were maskless.

Varadkar captioned the photo posted to Instagram: “Visiting the site of the new school building for Edmund Rice Secondary School this morning. Great to see the progress that’s been made. Once complete it will be a state of the art new secondary school accommodating 1,000 students for Dublin 15.”

Rather than receiving praise, however, the photo op was met with a barrage of critical comments.

“Why are the politicians the only ones maskless? You’re all outside. Have you no conscience? Why would you be ok with forcing the children to wear a mask while you remain maskless?” one user wrote.

Another stinging comment read: “This picture speaks for itself. Children muzzled up while the elite get to breathe fresh air.”

Many blasted the photo as “disgraceful” and someone said that the photo conveyed a clear message: “Rules for thee but not for me”.

“Leo why are the kids wearing masks while you don’t have one on?” one person asked, adding: “One rule for you and your privileged colleagues another for us ordinary people.”

Another user pondered, “Why is everyone having to wear masks EXCEPT you fancy politicians???” whilst someone else said that the photo showed, “He’s mocking you all”.

“This picture is sickening! All the children masked up outdoors while the adults stand there unmasked and smiling for the cameras…very disturbing picture,” another scathing remark read.


Photo: Leo Varadkar /Instagram

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