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Experts Reveal Hyper-Realistic Model of Jesus Christ after lengthy Study of Turin Shroud.

Life like model based on Shroud of Turin data

Experts have revealed a “hyper realistic” model of the body of Jesus Christ based on 15 years of intense study of the famous Shroud of Turin which is believed by many Christians to be the robe used to wrap the body of Christ after his death on The Cross. 



Catholic News Agency reports the sculpture weighs 165 pounds and is made of silicone and latex. 

The model body, depicted in a posture of rigor mortis, features extensive wounds and lacerations as well as pierced hands and feet in accordance with the wounds said to have been suffered by Jesus of Nazareth during The Crucifixion. 

Journalist Nicolás de Cárdenas described the figure, now on display at Salamanca Cathedral in these vivid terms, “When one approaches the figure — with hands behind one’s back in accordance with exhibit rules for visitors — one can observe every pore of the skin, freckles, eyelashes, and eyebrows.”

He continues, “The back is slightly raised, making apparent the lacerations on the head caused by the crown of thorns, and there is a kind of small braid that ties the hair on the back of the head. Also seen are the bruises on the shoulders due to carrying the weight of the cross.”

“On the skin you can see each of the tearing wounds produced by the scourging and the traces of the nails in the hands and feet, as well as the one between the fifth and sixth ribs on the right side. The nose is broken and the right eye bruised.”

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, curator Álavro Blanco said this was the first time in history people would have the opportunity to view the image of Christ ‘without any kind of interpretation” and ‘only with His reflection’. 

The exhibition entitled ‘The Mystery Man’ will visit all five continents, more details can be found here.  


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