Easy money: ‘No Record’ of qualification for ‘doctor’ whose NGO received €300,000 in public funds. 

A migrant support  NGO based in Cork who received almost €300,000 in public funds in just three years, was founded by a man who described himself as “Dr Mazombe” even though ‘no record’ exists of his qualification from the universities he named. 

Although Ado Mazombe is listed on the annual report for the organisation as having resigned as a director in 2019, he wrote the forward as a ‘Letter from our co-founder’ in the 2020 Annual Report.

The report shows that encouraging diversity, inclusivity, and empowering women are amongst the organisation’s aims, though travel seems to account for the bulk of its expenditure.

Ado Mazombe, describing himself as ‘Dr’, features extensively in the annual report,  and says “the Board of Love and Care for People is committed to excellence in governance.”

Yet, no record exists of Mazombe having submitted a thesis for either of the doctorates he claimed to have earned. He has now left the country.

An Ado Mazombe was convicted this year of assaulting a nurse while working in a care home in 2016. He did not appear at a subsequent inquiry which found his conduct “of the most disgraceful sort” which “involved moral turpitude at the most serious end of the spectrum”.

‘Love and Care for people’ 

If there was a prize for the most benign sounding NGO then surely Love and Care for People would be among the leading contenders. Not only does it sound like the title of a Mamas and Papas album from the 1960s but it promises that its purpose on this earth is “empowering and developing people.”

love-and-care-for-people-2020-annual-report.pdf (loveandcareforpeople.eu)

By God, I’d nearly sign off on the direct debit myself. Of course we undeveloped and unloved persons are not put to any such inconvenience because the Department of Group Hugs dispenses our €6,000,000,000 or so that the NGOs pocket every year without our having to do anything other than not cheat the Revenue Commissioners.

Intrigued. I delved further. Love and Care for People do not appear to have published a 2021 annual report, but the 2020 edition will suffice, assuming that they have not abandoned spreading the “ripple of Love and Care” and started to sell turf or some other abomination.

Apparently, they were to have hosted 4 Erasmus students courtesy of their involvement with the European Solidarity Corps which seems to provide beneficiaries such as Love and Care for People with volunteers who will “support us with their works.”  Sadly, that never transpired due to the Covid Panic and travel restrictions.

They did nonetheless succeed in securing grants of €59,466 in 2019, and of €153,925 in 2020 from Léargas which manages both the Erasmus and the Solidarity Corps projects. Léargas provided Love and Care with another €24,689 in 2021 bringing the total grant from that source to €238,080. The projects funded are as follows:

Erasmus-Youth_Funded-Projects_2019.pdf (leargas.ie)


They have received a further €10,365 from Cork County Council and various sums from local businesses and a once off payment of €5,000 from the Department of Justice in 2019. This was one of 115 individual grants amounting to €500,000 announced in August 2018 by then Minister for State David Stanton to “support the integration of minorities.”

Cork County Council did not respond to Gript’s inquiry as to the purpose of the funding which they granted to Love and Care for People. In common with almost every other NGO,  the organisation’s own fundraising accounts for a small fraction of what they at least, in contrast to others, describe as their “profits.”

So what do they do with the money? Well, travel and training are a big thing. Training and courses have accounted for €80,406 in the past three years alongside €135,623 for “EU travel” and accommodation, which is presumably connected to the students and volunteers. The 2020 report talks of 45 of their youth club members having taken part in exchanges to Sweden, Greece and Estonia.

Presumably these were not among the 95.2% of a zoom focus group who gave evidence that they were “isolated and bored because their parents cannot avoid paying summer camps/summer holidays.”  Not quite sure what that means nor what the “looking out of mental health” online course entailed.  Their achievements perhaps might even be described as “modest.” Certainly, when measured against the almost €300k they have been given, almost all by the Irish taxpayer, in the past three years.


Modest or no, the Co-founder of Love and Care for People, Dr. Ado Mazombe, who stood unsuccessfully for election to Cork County Council as an independent in 2019, had already sufficiently impressed the good burghers of Cork to be invited to be the keynote speaker at youth international event hosted in Cork Hall in January 2019 where he spoke of the need to tackle abuse and other badness around the world.

The other co-founder was Ini Usanga. As noted above, although Mazombe is listed in their 2020 Report as having resigned as a director in February 2019, he wrote the introduction to the report. Among the directors are Tendai Maneul who has been claiming asylum here from Zimbabwe since 2009, but who was unhappy that a holiday back to the country he claims to have fled for some reason or other was very expensive.

Dr. Mazombe is apparently Canadian and claims to be an “accredited international Motivational Speaker.” He claims to have a Doctorate in Philosophy (2016) from Miami in Counselling Psychology and an MA in social marketing from University College Cork in 2011.  However, his other Linkedin profile as one of the founders of Love and Care for People claims that he has a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Cork in 2016 for Social Marketing.

Perhaps it is possible that he has both. But there is no record of any person named Mazombe having submitted a thesis to University College Cork.

Nor does there appear to be any electronic record of an Ado Mazombe having submitted a thesis at the University of Miami.

Gript contacted the University of Miami and the Otto G. Richter Library informed us that they have no record of an Ado Mazombe having submitted a thesis for the purpose of being awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy. We contacted UCC and were transferred to the records department but a voice message we left inquiring as to whether Mr. Mazombe was one of its alumni was not responded to.

Given that it did not take a huge amount of Holmesian detective work on my part to discover all of this, one wonders what sort of research public bodies such as Léargas, the Department of Justice and Cork County Council conduct prior to handing over what cumulatively amounts to a large amount of money.

And given  Mr. Mazombe’s complicated Curriculum Vitae, and the output achieved by ‘Love and Care for people’ one wonders if it is money that might have been better spent on other projects in Cork.



(99+) Ado Mazombe | LinkedIn


On his Love and Care profile Dr. Mazombe also claims to have an interest in nursing.

In February this year, an Ado Mazombe was convicted  at Midleton District Court of having assaulted a female colleague at the Oaklodge Nursing Home in Churchtown, Cork, in May 2016.

He was alleged to have punched the other nurse, causing her to fall and to require an ambulance. Mazombe was sentenced to 200 hours community service and in May this year was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Nursing and Midwifery Board.   

Professor Colm O’Herlihy of the NMBI said that the assault by Mr Mazombe was “conduct of the most disgraceful sort and involved moral turpitude at the most serious end of the spectrum.”

The inquiry found his conduct  was “a serious falling short of the expected standards” and “infamous and disgraceful in every respect.”

The NMBI did not respond to a request from Gript regarding Mr. Mazombe’s qualifications. Nor would it or the nursing home respond to a request to confirm or otherwise that the Dr. Ado Mazombe of Love and Care for People and the Ado Mazombe who was working as a nurse are or were the same person.

Gript will continue, with our limited resources, to conduct pro bono due diligence tests on the vast spiders web of the world of the NGOs. With apologies to our spindley friends as they are a model of efficiency.

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