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“Don’t nag your husband during lockdown” – Malaysian government defends ill-treated men everywhere

Thank God for Malaysia. Their sage government has come to the rescue of men everywhere with its latest campaign on dealing with the lockdown.

As more and more men report health concerns due to irritable spouse syndrome, the Malaysian Ministry for Women and Family has taken the brave step of telling females to “stop nagging” their husbands as they redouble their efforts to maintain peace in the home during these turbulent times.

Not a bad idea, but there’s more: they also advise against wives using sarcasm if they must ask for help, and to dress up a little or wear make-up in the home, presumably to lift your beloved’s weary spirits.

Ministry for Women, Family and Community Development/Government of Malaysia

This advice, even if it might help, was met with fire and fury from feminists, who slammed the  campaign as perpetuating “the concept of patriarchy” and promoting “gender inequality”.

The intolerance and closed-mindedness towards the campaign was so great that the government withdrew its online advertisements, promising to “remain cautious in the future.”

Men around the world did appreciate the giggle though, even if their wives are wonderful.

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