Donohoe: RTÉ is important to tackle “misinformation”

“I’m going to have to pause before I answer that particular question”: Public Expenditure Minister Paschal Donohoe says RTÉ is important to tackle “misinformation,” but declines to say whether that means RTÉ is more truthful than other media outlets when asked. Question by Ben Scallan.



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12 days ago

Well anybody who had the misfortune of stumbling upon the climate alarmism, disinformation and propaganda shown by RTE on Wednesday 15/11/23 courtesy of their ex protege and Kinzen disinformation tzar Mark Little and his side kick Aine Kerr, wife of the ex HSEs disinformation expert Ronan Glynn, might beg to differ that RTE and state media provide a truthful and informed view of reality

A Call for Honesty
11 days ago

Trusting RTE is like trusting a referee who is supporting the other side – the government side – but constantly penalizing your side.

Gavin smartt
11 days ago

RTE has been taken over by the green party and as long as they hold office we will be force fed this bullsh1t. As always there are other things to watch and it’s a choice to tune in. Wats not a choice is the fact that it’s going to be public funded from now on. That translates to them letting the dust settle and then role on the flip flops and expense accounts. We are screwed over at every opportunity with great consistency.

11 days ago

Looking at RTE six o clock news tonight. A perfect example how they only report what the Government want them to.

10 days ago
Reply to  Stephen

Thats one aspect of Propaganda.
The real news is what RTE do not report and hide deliberately .TheY treat the Irish People like mushrooms.
Keep them in the dark and feed them BS.
Go to alternative Independent citizen journalists for the Truth and Real News.

John King
10 days ago

RTE not running with the former FG councillor in Longford facing a 2.6 million money laundering charge or the 2km cycleway/Greenway in Granard that that cost 300k,150k a km,a gravel pathway complete with fence posts,sheep wire,gravel through a couple of level fields

Jesus wept.

John King
10 days ago
Reply to  John King

This coming from a county council that has not built one single social house in the last year.,..

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