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Documents show EcoAlliance who denied Wuhan “Lab-Leak” sought funding for virus research with Bats

The Telegraph last night published a story on a grant proposal that was made in 2018 by Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance to fund research into coronaviruses. The project would have involved the release of laboratory-enhanced coronaviruses into the bat population in the Chinese province of Yunnan.

“New documents show that just 18 months before the first Covid-19 cases appeared, researchers had submitted plans to release skin-penetrating nanoparticles and aerosols containing “novel chimeric spike proteins” of bat coronaviruses into cave bats in Yunnan, China,” the Telegraph reports.

The planned research, the leaks show,  also hoped to create “chimeric viruses” – genetically enhanced to infect humans more easily,  and included proposals to mix high-risk natural coronavirus strains with more infectious but less dangerous varieties. The leaked documents bring fresh attention to Daszak who led efforts in 2020 to deny a Wuhan lab-leak  as a possible source of the pandemic. He co-signed the widely-cited February 2020 letter in the prestigious journal The Lancet from 27 scientists who “strongly “condemned what they described as “conspiracy theories” suggesting COVID-19 did not have a natural origin.

Now the “lab-leak” theory is being investigated by the WHO and the US authorities.

The grant proposal revealed  in the leaked documents sought funding of $14 million and was submitted to the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which has a multi billion dollar budget to support research that might have military applications. The fact that the EcoHealth research was to be conducted in China with a largely Chinese laboratory team at Wuhan might have been a determining factor in the DAPRA decision to refuse the funding.

According to the documents that have been released by Drastic, which is a group of scientists who have published a range of documents on the origins of Covid-19, DARPA turned down the proposal on the grounds that “the proposed project led by Peter Daszak could have put local communities at risk,” and that the researchers had not properly considered the dangers of enhancing viruses.

Enhancing viruses – otherwise gain of function – had been banned under the Obama administration in October 2014, but that was lifted in 2017.  The moratorium had been put in place over fears around laboratory accidents and the dangers of exposure to enhanced viruses. One of those was explicitly cited as SARS Cov.

The Homeland Security Digital Library specifically mentions the role of Dr. Anthony Fauci in the decision to outsource such research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Fauci’s role in supporting Wuhan is a matter of record. What part he played as a key health advisor to the Trump administration in lifting the ban is a matter of conjecture but he is on the record in 2011 as having supported gain of function research into the flu virus.

All of the debate over gain of function in the United States, and the moratorium, was based on the clear risks involved in enhancing viruses that might escape into the general population. It is also becoming more probable that individual scientists, including possibly those funded by the United States,  may have used Wuhan to pursue such research without any of the checks and balances that one might expect to be in place in other countries.

The fact that elements within the United States administration were apparently happy to fund and support such research allegedly conducted by EcoHealth at Wuhan is a matter of deep concern – especially in the light of mounting concern over the possibility that a laboratory enhanced coronavirus may have escaped into the local population from the Wuhan institute.

This was the subject of a documentary screened by Sky News Australia on Monday. The film covered the investigation that forms the basis of reporter Sharri Markson’s book What Really Happened in Wuhan.  In it she interviews a range of people with scientific, intelligence and political insight into what might actually have led to the outbreak of the Covid-19 panic.

Wuhan is described as the “world’s largest coronavirus reservoir,” where the bat coronaviruses were not only collected and analysed but some claim were enhanced as part of research which may accidentally then have escaped into the local population. Nikolai Petrovsky of Flinders University referred to his published research which noted the far higher adaptability of the SARs-Cov-2 (Covid) to human cells rather than to those of bats or pangolins as originally claimed as part of the wet market origin theory.

That raises the question of how this came to be, and the role of the Wuhan scientists in all of this. Finding the truth has been made more difficult by the refusal of the Chinese to allow access. Markson’s film not only points out that the previous WHO inquiry –  which stood over the natural origin theory – was allowed just three hours inside the Wuhan labs, but that potentially key evidence has apparently disappeared.

Among this is a database of coronavirus samples that was taken down from the Wuhan website on September 12, 2019. That was months before any official recognition of the Covid-19 outbreak, but possibly weeks or even two months after a suspected first outbreak. Not long after this, the Wuhan Institute was subjected to a heightened security upgrading part of which included a two week signal blackout.

According to David Asher a former State Department official, had the Americans known of what was going on at Wuhan prior to the Chinese making that publicly known “we could have reacted to it,” and thereby possibly pre-empted the global crisis that ensued in early 2020. The same point in regard to intelligence lapses was made by former director of the CIA and later Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove.

Not only was the west blindsided both externally and possibly internally by what was taking place at Wuhan, but when the world was forced to react, it did so according to “the official narrative of the Chinese Communist Party.”

The Chinese control of the narrative is epitomised by the dominance of Daszak and others who were able to overshadow, until recently, almost all scientific and other voices which questioned that narrative – a narrative which every passing week seems to be called further into doubt.

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