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Danny Healy-Rae says 10% concrete levy will stop young people getting a roof over their heads  

Kerry TD, Danny Healy Rae, has said that the 10% levy on concrete will make it even more difficult for  young people to get housing – and he appealed to the government to drop the proposal ‘even at  this late stage’.

“The Government said that it would house everyone under Housing for All. Today, it came along and kicked young fellows who are trying to put a roof over their head in the teeth by putting a 10% levy on concrete,” he said.

“It is ridiculous to hit such people, when they are trying to start off and blow them out of existence. I ask the Government, at this late stage, to rescind and drop that. It will stop many young fellows and young girls from putting a roof over their heads,” the Independent TD said.

He also hit out at what he said was a lack of support for farmers and rural Ireland in the Budget.

“There is hardly anything for farmers other than a grant for slurry tanks. Most farmers have already bought that kind of equipment. They have built slatted tanks, which are as environmentally-friendly as possible.,” he said.

“The Government is doing nothing at all to help with the cost of fertiliser, diesel, electricity, or other materials, spare parts and repairs. The Government is jeopardising food security,” the Kerry TD warned.

And he said that petrol and diesel costs were still ‘robbing’ people.

“The thing I am most disappointed about is the people on the road who are paying for petrol and diesel all year. They have been robbed to fund this budget. They have suffered. There is no answer in the world as to how green diesel went from 90 cent up to €1.50 in one jump – in one week. There has been no answer or explanation. This is affecting farmers and people in industry.”

“I have no problem in telling the Ministers that a barrel of crude oil costs less today than it did four years ago. Look at the level of taxation. Is there any shame in the Ministers at all? Just because they are supported by the Greens, they have let them do this to the people of Ireland, the people who elected them continuously over the years. They have forfeited them now for the Green Party,” he said.

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