Covid was 24th leading cause of death in England last month

Official data has shown Covid-19 accounted for less than 1 per cent of fatalities last month in England.

The UK’s Office for National Statistics has found Covid-19 deaths continued to decline last month, with 23 other ailments taking more lives than the novel coronavirus in England.

In a 65 per cent drop from April’s death toll, Covid-19 took the lives of 355 English residents in May, with lung cancer in third taking almost 1,012, alzheimers and dementia in second taking 3,711, and heart disease taking the most at 3,780.

The decline in Covid-19 deaths has occurred despite a simultaneous increase in the number of people contracting the Indian variant of the virus, with Covid-19 accounting for approximately one in every 110 deaths.

In total, 35,401 people died in England last month, some 10 per cent lower than average.

Covid-19 had been the leading cause of death in the UK between November and the end of January, in what has been a precipitous decline since.

The overall mortality rate from January to May 2021 was significantly lower than the same period in 2020 in both England and Wales however.

In Wales, Covid-19 dropped to being the 31st leading cause of death last month, having been the number one cause for six out of the previous 14 months.

Covid-19 deaths fell by 57 per cent in Wales last month compared to April, when it had been the 18th leading cause of death.

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