Compelling new documentary reveals the real story of how 8th was repealed  

It’s more than three years since the 8th amendment was repealed from the Irish Constitution – and along with it went the rights of our most vulnerable citizens, preborn babies. 

Now, a new film presented by Tim Jackson, and being screened tonight by Life Institute, examines the sometimes hidden factors which helped to swing the Yes vote and legalise abortion in Ireland.

As commentator Jonathon Van Maren says in the documentary : “the story the media wants you to hear is the story of plucky feminists and progressives who finally dragged Ireland into modernity – but the real story is that of real people who fought for babies simply because they cared so deeply and believed every child should be fought for”.

This documentary is the untold story, then, of how the 8th was firstly inserted into the Constitution, and how – after Ireland became the focus of an internationally-funded campaign to have abortion legalised – it was then repealed in 2018. This sharp, engrossing, often deeply moving film is a deep dive into what actually happened, and looks at the media campaign, fake narratives, and outside interference which saw Ireland’s pro-life culture overturned.

Jackson talks to Professor Robert Epstein, an expert in Big Tech interference in elections, and his comment on the power Google and Facebook have to shape the outcome of elections is both immensely frustrating and revealing. The evidence that Jackson compiles points to an unwarranted interference by the enormously powerful, massively wealthy platforms who are shaping not just opinions and markets, but the democratic process itself.

That outside meddling, as the documentary shows, had started long before the referendum was called, as had the role of media as unashamed campaigners for abortion.

“Ireland’s Fall: The Abortion Deception” is a powerful and vitally important telling of often secretive and concealed forces who worked to persuade a once staunchly pro-life nation to strip preborn children of legal protection.

In the conclusion of the film, Carol Nolan TD is seen telling a massive pro-life rally that “we will never give up on the right to life of every person.” The documentary finishes with an observation regarding the ebb and flow of cultural change and the destiny provided by demographics, which many viewers will find uplifting.

It’s a tightly produced, compelling film, narrated brilliantly by writer, commentator and activist Tim Jackson who talks to Epstein, Barrister Maria Steen, Campaigner John McGuirk journalists David Quinn, Larissa Nolan, professor of psychiatry Gerard Casey, historian Dr Seosamh Ó Ceallaigh, activists and support providers  Niamh Uí Bhriain, Vicky Wall, Carolyn O’Meara and others. .

“Ireland’s Fall: The Abortion Deception” airs tonight and 8pm on the website, Facebook page and You Tube channel of Life Institute



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