Minister Damien English has brought some comic relief to the lockdown debacle after his outing on Prime Time with Miriam O’Callaghan last night.

Much to Miriam’s astonishment, English said that “clothes are not essential”, doubling down on the government’s decision to stop retailers selling items like socks and trousers, even for children. must be congratulated on their contribution to the online revelry that followed:

Minister English will take a while to live this one down, but decided to go on Morning Ireland anyway to hammer home the message:

Some people weren’t laughing however, and it seems there will be a price to pay for the government’s approach:

This woman explained her Dad was in the hospital and needed pyjamas and socks.

As did this man about his mother.

Some did just point to online options.

Earlier week, an Garda Síochana posted photographs of its members visiting retail outlets to ensure compliance with restrictions regarding the sale of clothing.