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Clinton investigation effectively over with “nothing of consequence” reportedly found

A US Department of Justice investigation into alleged wrongdoings by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has “largely finished” after the lead investigator reportedly “found nothing worth pursuing.”

Appointed in 2018 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, US Attorney John Huber was tasked with investigating the FBI’s probe into Clinton’s role in the 2010 sale of Canadian company ‘Uranium One’ to a Russian firm whilst she was secretary of state.

Speaking to the Washington Post however, a source close to the investigation has said the DOJ report will not call the FBI findings into question.

Donald Trump and other Republicans claimed that the sale, which required the approval of nine US government agencies, amounted to a quid pro quo in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The original FBI investigation found Clinton was not directly involved in the deal and that no evidence of wrongdoing existed, a conclusion that the latest investigation would appear to corroborate.

After re-opening the case in late 2017, the two year Department of Justice investigation appears to have borne little fruit if it indeed has “ended with no tangible results.”

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