The Chinese defector and growing ‘Wuhan lab leak’ evidence

The latest twist in the origins of Covid saga has been supplied within the past few days.

It was tweeted last week by award-winning journalist Adam Housley that the United States Defence Intelligence Agency had in custody a Chinese defector whose information has added to suspicions that the Covid-19 virus had a manipulated, and perhaps even a malign, genesis.

(Wray, mentioned in the tweet, is FBI Director General, Christopher Wray)

This adds to the interest in the possibility that Covid-19 was artificially manipulated in a Wuhan laboratory, before the virus somehow seeped out.

As we previously reported, emails released under US Freedom of Information legislation indicated that the White House Chief Medical Advisor, Dr Anthony Fauci, was aware of attempts to manipulate viruses in Wuhan.

The defector has, according to Housley’s sources, intimate knowledge of the Chinese military development of bioweaponry.

This again ties in with a previous report in an official Chinese state paper about such experimentation, and its possible uses for aggressive military purposes.

The defector is in the custody of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Housley and other American journalists says they’ve been told he or she has been kept away from the FBI and the CIA over concerns that those two and other federal agencies might not be secure.

That, in itself, raises a whole other scenario which has not faced the American intelligence community since the exposure of Alger Hiss and other enemy assets in the 1940s.

The information provided by the defector apparently also points to the Chinese attempting to subsequently manipulate other coronavirus variants in order to sustain the theory of the bat cave origin for Covid-19, and thus to deflect from the renewed focus on the Wuhan lab, and the possibility of an artificial manipulation of the virus or accidental leakage.

All of this speculation, of course, has gained greater traction in the aftermath of the release of the Fauci emails.

Nerdish followers of such matters will have noticed that all sorts of kites are being flown now in what might be believed to be a corresponding western attempt to double down on the bat theory.

That, however, does not get away from the fact that the Wuhan lab leak is no longer simply being dismissed as tinfoil hat stuff.

Fauci himself has recently changed tack on the lab leak theory. When asked whether he still believes that Covid had a natural origin, Fauci responded: “I am not convinced about that. I think that we should continue to investigate what went on in China until we continue to find out to the best of our ability what happened.”

The Daily Mail, in an extensive piece published last week, said that British Intelligence has upgraded the possibly of a lab leak from “remote” to “feasible.” And that was made prior to the Fauci emails becoming public. The Biden administration has initiated an inquiry which must report before the end of August.

The DIA informant is not the first Chinese scientist to provide what is now regarded as credible evidence regarding the theory of origin and leak from the Wuhan lab of Covid-19.

It would seem remarkably similar to the claims made by virologist, Dr Li Meng Yan, in September 2020. She stated that her research did not support a “naturally occurring” thesis.

Li was interviewed on June 3rd by Newsmax and stated that the Fauci emails backed up her findings that were published in three papers, the latest on March 31 2021.

In the latter, she baldly concluded that Covid 19 is “not a naturally occurring pathogen but an Unrestricted Bioweapon.” She says that Covid 19 was created from template viruses discovered in bats by scientists working for the Peoples Liberation Army.

More pertinently, perhaps, she claims that the programme is part of a “network which includes not only the CCP scientists but also certain overseas scientists and organisations.”

Li’s references to “certain overseas scientists and organisations” is thought by some to be a reference to the link between the US state-funded EcoHealth which was part of the Wuhan laboratory research to which it channelled funds, and also to the blanket derision and censorship of any reference to an artificial origin and/or lab leak that has been enforced ever since the virus made its appearance.

Many of those who had the temerity to even raise the possibility of a lab-leak saw their careers and reputations targeted – including many reputable scientists and former intelligence operatives and then President Donald Trump.

Li was also a victim. Not only was her research dismissed because of a lack of peer review but she was banned by Twitter for months. Like others, the very fact that she published independently and on open access on Zenodo was used against her.

The actions against her seemed to be less to do with the substance of what she says, much of which is supported independently by other scientists including Professor Angus Dalgleish and Dr. Birger Sorensen who claim that Chinese military scientists “retro engineered” Covid-19 to make it appear as though it originated in bats. That seems to correspond with what the Chinese defector has been reported to have told the DIA.

As the Fauci emails show, EcoHealth contacted Fauci on April 18, 2020 to effusively thank the White House Advisor for dismissing the lab leak thesis. Of course, not only was Eco Health’s representative intimately involved in gain of function research at Wuhan, but was also one of the main sources of pressure on the administration to take that line. It is clear now that Fauci knew that this research was being conducted at Wuhan.

‘Gain of function’ by the way means manipulating viruses to make them more transmissible and virulent.  Ponder that for a moment, because it would point to exactly the sort of thing being alleged by Meng Yan and apparently by the DIA informant, and also discussed openly by Chinese state agencies themselves years before the Covid outbreak, but in response to the earlier SARS 1 outbreak of 2003. Those earlier discussions were with a view to how all of that might be weaponised either by enemies of the Chinese Communist Party, or by the Party and its army.

Peter Daszak of Ecp Health was the initiator of a letter signed by 26 other scientists that was published by the Lancet on February 19, 2020. The letter, apart from pre-emptively deciding that “coronavirus originated in wildlife,” reads more like a political statement.

It declares its admiration for the effectiveness and openness of Chinese scientists and expresses their “solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China who continue to save lives and protect global health.” Furthermore, and of course this was the entire point of Daszak’s initiative: it declared that “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin.”

But what if Covid-19 does have an “unnatural origin.”? Or more to the point, might have such an origin? Because in common with many things that happen, there is no conclusive scientific evidence either way as yet. That was pointed out by James Metzl who was on the World Health Organization advisory committee on human genome editing.

Metzl described the Lancet letter as “unscientific propaganda and a form of thuggery and intimidation …. Bullying in full contravention of the scientific method.” Metzl’s own statements make it clear that while he does believe that a Wuhan lab leak is “the most likely origin of the pandemic,” that this likewise only remains as a hypothesis. That is what scientists do.

Even though Metzl was working with the WHO he was severely critical of the manner in which they handled the investigation into Wuhan. Not least the fact that Daszak was one of the main people appointed to the committee that visited the laboratory but did not even request to have access to the Wuhan database containing 22,000 virus samples. Metzl’s described the WHO “inquiry” as “fatally flawed”.

As we have pointed out before, China is not a normal state. Its role in the “pandemic” – and the dissemination of hysteria based on what some now believe to be stage managed footage of people dying in the streets to induce its enemies to enforce an economically and socially crippling lockdown – bear the deepest scrutiny.

We may be grateful to Meng Yan and James Metzl and others who have exercised the still extant rights we in the west have to question things. They may be listened to more in the aftermath of the Fauci emails and the Biden decision to mount an inquiry.

We should also be aware that there are powerful forces with much to lose if it turns out that China has concealed the true origin of the Covid panic. And also that those forces are already actively seeking ways to muddy any proper investigation and perhaps even to find excuses for prolonging the lockdown.

As an example, just yesterday Reuters ran a piece on Chinese mineworkers who died of a virus apparently contracted from bat faeces in 2012. Fauci was quick off the mark to call for full disclosure by the Chinese as to what happened, and others will cite the story as a possible support for the virus having been discovered in such a way, but then subjected to the gain of function experiments that took place at Wuhan.

None of these media stories should distract from a more single-focused investigation into what happened at Wuhan? It is hard to tell. Most likely, the truth if it ever does emerge, will only come much later. Not too late one hopes.

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