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China’s anger at WHO’s plan to reinvestigate Wuhan lab leak theory

In a surprising development, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has over-ruled objections from China, and has backed a decision to again investigate the possibility that Covid-19 originated in a leak from the Wuhan virology laboratory.

The initial finding of a joint investigation by WHO and the Chinese research team was criticised as being inadequate and even flawed.

This morning, Thursday, the Chinese vice health minister, Zeng Yixin, slammed the WHO move as “disrespect for common sense and arrogance towards science”.

That would seem to increase the possibility that the Chinese may block any new audit by the WHO at Wuhan and other laboratories.

Having for 18 months had the support of the western political and media establishment that the Wuhan leak theory was no more than a “far right” conspiracy theory promoted by former American President Donald Trump, the Chinese have now launched their very own conspiracy theory.

Which is that the virus escaped from an American military laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland. While this has gained little traction here, some social media posts from westerners living in China have in the past few days reported evidence of that being promoted by the Communist Party through state-controlled media.

The CCP controlled tabloid Global Times has said that it has collected five million signatures calling for an investigation into the American laboratory. This is evidence of the real concern that the Chinese state has over the renewed focus on Wuhan.

It follows recent evidence from the Fauci email releases and from reports of complementary intelligence from a high ranking Chinese defector, as covered by Gript previously, but ignored by much of the Irish media source.

All of that has pointed strongly to the possibility that the virus was part of gain of function research at Wuhan, and that there may even have been a link to documented Chinese military research into the weaponizing of viruses that began with their reaction to the SARS- 1 outbreak in 2003.

Indeed in the early part of 2020, there was a considerable campaign orchestrated by the Chinese state to imply that the virus had been part of an American attack. That was dropped once the actual origin of the virus was identified with the Chinese then stressing that it had been the consequence of a natural transfer through bats.

That may similarly have been motivated by the promotion of the idea within the Chinese state that it was vulnerable to biological attack itself, and that it needed to create its own response either for retaliatory or aggressive purposes.

It will be interesting to see what if any reaction there will be to this from an Irish elite that has demonstrated increasing levels of sycophancy with regard to China on a whole range of issues including the genocide of the Uighurs, persecution of Christians, and the detention of Irish citizen Richard O’Halloran.

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