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China: Eh, we looked again and found thousands more dead in Wuhan

The Guardian published the image above two months ago. A man lying dead in the streets in Wuhan, as people walk past. No wonder, then, that they missed so many dead people. They probably walked past another guy the very next day, and assumed it was just the same dead guy as yesterday.

You have to take your hats off to them really. Having scoured the records and the morgues and suddenly found 50% more corpses than they had before, they still have one of the lowest death rates in the whole world:

“The Chinese city where the coronavirus first emerged raised its death toll by 50%, revealing the epicentre of the global pandemic had been much worse hit than Beijing had previously reported.

The revision came as a growing chorus of world leaders suggested China had not been entirely open about the full domestic impact of a virus that has killed more than 140,000 people globally and confined half of humanity to their homes.

In Wuhan – where the virus was first detected late last year – an official announcement raised the city’s death toll by half, to a total of 3,869.

The additional deaths were cases that were “mistakenly reported” or missed entirely, the posting said.”

How, exactly, do you miss 1,500 or so corpses? Did someone put them in a corner and forget to count them?

It might be conceivable that many deaths from Coronavirus were not being recorded as being from coronavirus. People get sick and die before you can test them, and they get buried or cremated, or whatever, and their deaths are recorded as simply them dying of a bad cough. There’s evidence of that happening elsewhere. Look at this chart from London, for example:

But that’s not what the Chinese are saying. They’re pretty definitive – these people died from Coronavirus. How do they know?

The point is this: They can only know about these extra coronavirus deaths now if they knew about them previously, and just weren’t telling us. Nobody, upon nobody, is going to believe the “we just didn’t notice them” story.

None of the official figures from Wuhan tally with what’s happening in the rest of the world. Their official death rate is vastly lower than Ireland’s, for example. Which leads you to think one of two things: Either China is so great at managing the virus that it managed an unbelievably low death rate compared to western countries (in which case, how did they manage to let it spread so far to the rest of the world) or China is lying it’s ass off.

The truth is obvious, but also hard to get. What we do have is enough evidence to point in one direction. We had this video, which, because of the nature of China, can’t be verified, claiming that things were so bad that the Chinese were actually cremating people before they had died:

And then we had this one, claiming to show them moving dead bodies in the dark of night when they hoped nobody would notice:

The point of all of this, of course, was to spread an international propaganda myth about Chinese competence. It’s the kind of absurd lie you expect from totalitarian dictatorships – nobody’s shocked when the North Koreans put out a statement saying that Marshall Kim Jong Un ordered the virus to be blown up with a missile, for example – but China has spent years posing as a relatively normal country that just happens to have a different form of Government.

But it’s not, and Coronavirus has exposed the lie.

Far more people died in Wuhan than they were telling us, up until today. And far more died than they are telling us today, also.


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