Charges laid against Dublin born pair engaged in peaceful protest in Western Australia

A man and woman, both Dublin born. Were arrested in Western Australia in connection with a long standing peaceful protest outside the Perth CBD residence of WA Governor and former police commissioner, Chris Dawson. 

The so-called ‘umbrella protests’ were established as a daily protest expressing frustration at the Western Australian’s government’s handling of the covid pandemic with local media sources reporting that the group have been “gathering at the entrance of Governor’s House since December 2021, professing to be a concerned but peaceful group of people who have lost confidence in the WA government.”

It was also reported that the state’s vaccination mandates are “understood to have been the catalyst for the daily gathering.”

The 66 year old woman and 68 year old man were arrested after being accused of ‘stalking’ by police and refusing to divulge their personal details. 

The couple’s daughter told Gript that her parents were held for three hours after a complaint was received from the ‘resident’ of the building at which the protests are held, and that they are due to appear in court on the 30th of January. 


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