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WATCH: Capitol evacuated, one rioter shot, as election certification halted by fleeing politicians

Thousands of Trump supporters have breached the perimeter of the US Capitol, with one protestor reportedly shot after entering the building.

The major security breach forced Congress to suspend their presidential election certification process, with politicians warned to take shelter over the House tannoy.

It is understood that Mike Pence evacuated the building, as the backlash intensified against his decision to proceed as normal with the process.

Photos posted on social media show rioters marching through the halls of Congress, intent on disrupting the certification of Joe Biden as the next US president.

Flags supporting Donald Trump were draped over the balcony of the Capitol buildings whilst swarms of people sang the country’s national anthem.

One man who entered the building told Fox News he had seen a female rioter being shot, with the news channel then cutting away to survey the scene outside.

Washington DC police were forced to call-in back-up earlier today when it became clear they could not protect the perimeter of the Capitol grounds, with at least one congressional office building having to be quickly evacuated.

Both Donald Trump and his son Don called for protesters to act peacefully following a “Stop the Steal” rally earlier today.

UPDATE: Trump supporters have now made it to the Senate floor of the building.


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