Donegal Daily reports that a Letterkenny bus company has banned children who refuse to wear masks.

Parents of schoolchildren using the bus were sent a text by the company informing them that all children were obliged to wear masks from today.

Children that d0 not comply will be refused entry onto the company’s buses by drivers operating a “strict policy of NO MASK NO TRAVEL” to “ensure the safety of all our passengers and staff.”

The text, seen by Donegal Daily, reads:

“Dear parents/guardians, please note as of Monday 22nd March 2021 face masks must be worn by all children using our school bus services.

“Our drivers will be operating a strict policy of NO MASK NO TRAVEL. This is to ensure the safety of all our passengers and staff.”

One mother who contacted the newspaper did not want to identify the company but said the mask mandate was a form of discrimination and may be illegal.

“This is simply outrageous. My children are young and they do not understand that they must wear a mask,” the mother told Donegal Daily.

“Surely this bus company is acting illegally. Children cannot be forced to wear a mask. They do not have to wear them in schools so why do they have to wear them on buses.

“I understand that this company is worried about their drivers, but they are adults and if they take the right precautions they will be safe.”