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Brexit Britain has already signed trade deals worth over €1 trillion with 67+ countries

Just 4 months after their departure from the EU, Brexit Britain has managed to land trade deals collectively worth over €1 trillion euros across 67 countries worldwide, plus the EU, as reported by Liz Truss MP, UK International Trade Secretary.

“We have already secured nearly £900 billion in trade in covering 66 countries plus the EU. But Global Britain is just getting started,” said Truss in an Op-Ed in the Express on strengthening Britain’s ties to New Zealand.

£900 billion pounds is equivalent to more than €1,043,000,000,000 in euros.

“Deepening our trading relationship with New Zealand will bring the UK a big step closer to joining them in one of the largest trading areas on earth: the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

“As part of this high-standards pact, we will couple ourselves with 11 of the world’s most vibrant economies, from Singapore and Japan to Mexico and Vietnam, covering £9 trillion in GDP.”

Truss went on to praise the pact, claiming that while it had many trade benefits, it did not carry any of the same encroachments to national sovereignty that came with EU membership.

“CPTPP offers 95 percent tariff-free trade on goods between members and advanced provisions for services and digital trade,” she wrote.

“But unlike when we were in the European Union, we will remain a fully sovereign nation as this partnership is purely about free trade.”

Truss claims that in addition to bolstering British business, these trade deals will serve to create jobs domestically in Britain.

“By satisfying the growing global appetite for high-quality British goods and services, our businesses will have more money to invest in their future, whether it involves hiring more people or expanding their operations,” the MP said.

“We will bring home the benefits of free and fair trade to every region and nation of the UK. As the Fraser of Allander Institute found, around 6.5 million jobs across the country are estimated to rely on exports.

“Put simply, Global Britain means local jobs,” she added.

Just this week, the UK signed a lucrative trade deal with Serbia worth over €811 million, with UK companies based in Serbia such as Land Rover Jaguar, AstraZeneca, and JCB set to benefit significantly.

“This is great news for businesses in the UK and Serbia, providing certainty and strengthening ties between both countries to drive growth and support economic recovery from covid-19,” said UK minister for exports, Graham Stuart, as reported by Foxhole News.

“This agreement will support jobs up and down the country, drive further investment and open up opportunities for our exporters.”


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