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Breaking: School seeks order for seizure of Enoch Burke’s assets

The school at which teacher Enoch Burke is employed has returned to the High Court to see an order for the seizure of Burke’s assets after he continued to go to the school after his release from prison.

Wilson Hospital School made an application before Judge Tony Hunt this morning seeking an order for the sequestering or removal of assets from Burke instead of seeking to have him incarcerated again. 

Burke is due before the courts tomorrow to pursue his own application to prevent the school from conducting a disciplinary hearing in regards to his alleged conduct. 

It was reported that judge Hunt said he was “satisfied to grant the school permission, on an ex-parte basis, to serve short notice of the contempt proceedings on Burke.” , and that he commented that the school’s decision not to seek a further order for attachment and committal of Burke “made sense”, but that the current application before him would “get the ball rolling.”

Burke was imprisoned last year after he continued to attend the school after being suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing after a disagreement arose surrounding the use of ‘transgender pronouns’ regarding a pupil at the school in county Westmeath.

Mr Burke has strongly and publicly objected to the school’s direction that he must address a student – who wishes to change sex – using the pronouns “they” and by a different name than was previously used.

He was released from Mountjoy prison on the first of December last by Mr Justice Brian O’Moore after spending almost three months in jail, without purging his contempt, and returned to the school after the end of the Christmas break last week.


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