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Blair: UK gov should vaccinate “nursery” age children

Former UK PM & ex-Labour Leader Tony Blair has said that the British government should vaccinate “nursery” age children as part of its jab rollout.

The remarks were made during a foreword to a covid-19 report from his own Tony Blair Institute For Global Change – a non-profit with a self-stated goal of helping governments to “build open, inclusive and prosperous societies in a globalised world.”

“To avoid being behind the curve again on vaccination groups, the government should take urgent steps to consider vaccinating children under 12 as well,” Blair said, referring to the UK government’s decision to vaccinate children over 12.

Ireland too has approved Covid vaccines for this age cohort, as has the European Medicines Agency.

“Evidence shows that young children, particularly those in nurseries, are transmitting the virus and putting at-risk groups in danger,” Blair claimed.

Notably, Pfizer has just declared their vaccine to be safe in children aged 5 to 11.

In addition to this suggestion, Blair added his support for Covid passes as a means for preventing further lockdowns.

“A viable Covid Pass, displaying both rapid testing and vaccine status, would mean that, even with higher case numbers, a person free of the virus would be free to move around in public,” he said.

“This step, alongside further action on measures like mask-wearing, needs to be taken urgently to give businesses confidence that avoiding further lockdowns is more than an aspiration but is deliverable.”

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