Biden to Taliban: I expect you guys to build an “inclusive” Government

Unbelievable. But bear in mind, the audience for this nonsense is not, in actual fact, the Taliban. No, the audience is dopey left-leaning voters in the American suburbs who’ve spent the past thirty years learning that “inclusive” is a synonym for “good and nice”:

Anyway, now that the Americans are out, the Taliban are too busy putting their new American military equipment to good use to worry too much about inclusiveness. Here they are the other day, inclusively using an American-made modern military helicopter to carry out a good, medieval style execution. The blending of modern technology with traditional values, if you like:

If you missed it the other day, and, of course, far too many people do miss his work these days, Kevin Myers has a piece up on his personal website about the use of language by the west about the Taliban which is a must read:

It’s a measure of how deep the fang of PC linguistic compliance has sunk into the soft tissue of the English language that even the enemies of wokeness are using the very words that torpedo their own arguments. In last week’s The Spectator David Patriparakos referred to a Taliban “spokesperson”, and two days later, the Free Speech Union similarly reported the words of the Taliban’s “spokesperson”, Zabihullah Muhajid. It then further compounded that idiocy with: “We also learned this week that Twitter, which banned former President Donald Trump, provides a platform for various Taliban spokespeople.”

Taliban spokespeople indeed, as if a woman could ever be one.

Read it all, if you have time. He is right.

Indeed, very little sums up the toothlessness of the modern west as much as the language we use about our avowed enemies. Make no mistake: The Taliban, founded on a complete rejection of modern, decadent, liberal western values, will be rolling around in laughter at the sight of an American president calling on them to form an “inclusive” Government. They haven’t spent the last 20 years hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan, dodging drone strikes, and eating malnourished goats, just so that at the moment of victory they can ensconce themselves in Kabul and announce the appointment of a commission for the advancement of LGBT representation.

No, the Taliban have fought for twenty years for what they believe in. And what they believe is that women should be neither seen, nor heard. That homosexuals should be executed. That slavery is justified. And that hanging people from helicopters for relatively minor crimes is the mandate of God. They also believe, incidentally, that the west, and its ways, and its peoples, are agents of satanism, and that one day, after a long war, we will all be obliterated, and the whole world will fall under their ideology.

As a matter of interest, do we think the past few weeks will have encouraged, or discouraged, that belief?

There are strong arguments in favour of withdrawing from Afghanistan, and leaving them to it. There are basically no arguments in favour of the manner of the withdrawal, which has not only emboldened the Taliban, but also armed them for a generation. Look, here, at the booty the Americans have provided them with:

This is now one of the best equipped fighting forces on the planet, emboldened enough to carry out summary executions in public, after one of the greatest military victories in history over its mortal enemy. The President of that Mortal Enemy is telling them to be inclusive.

The United States, under Joe Biden, is a joke.



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