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Fine Gael’s free speech double-standard

Here’s a hard and fast rule: if you are leading a government which is currently trying to censor its own citizens in at least three draconian ways (which I will be happy to outline shortly), you cannot credibly use the “our enemies are a threat to free speech” argument as a hard-hitting condemnation of your political opponents. To do so would, in fact, be laughable.

But that is effectively what Fine Gael did this week, when Taoiseach Leo Varadkar made a great song and dance about Sinn Féin’s record on free speech.

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22 days ago

In the general context of SF litigation against others, the Irish Times spoke, recently, of Ireland’s defamation laws as a “threat to democracy” – this is the same paper that carried an article, some months back, asking “How did McEntee’s Hate Speech Bill become embroiled in Ireland’s Culture Wars ?” – or words to that effect. The Hate Speech Bill was almost portrayed as some “poor innocent”. Since I last used the words “vile” and odious” – in this forum or as a comment on a YT posted Gript video – regarding “Ireland’s Paper of Record”, I had reason to question whether, maybe, those words were “a bit over the top….”. Now – on reflection – I consider myself to “have pulled my punches” !!!

Ruaidhrí Murphy
21 days ago
Reply to  BorisPastaBuck

I am sick of that phrase “threat to democracy” being used by charlatans.

21 days ago

Indeed and you’re not the only one.
FF & FG have already proven they don’t believe in Irish democracy.

Seemingly they believe in some vague concept of European democracy or worse international democracy; which is double speak for no democracy in my opinion

22 days ago

Lots of people would return to the days when Sinn Fein were banned from the media in a heartbeat

21 days ago

Good article Ben. Unfortunately I don’t think your fears are unfounded

Frank McGlynn
16 days ago

The Electoral Commission will be the final nail in the coffin of democracy in this country.

In the light of his recent political statements, would you vote for Conor McGregor if he ran for election?

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