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Awful American Christmas ad: Is this the worst husband in the world?

The ad is called “the gift that gives back”. Let us sincerely hope, for this woman’s sake, that what it gives him back is a divorce:

My fellow men: If you only ever listen to one piece of advice, let it be this:

Do not, under any circumstances, present your wife with an exercise bike for Christmas unless you have been specifically asked for one. You might think this says how much you love her and want her to be healthy, but trust me, what she’ll hear is “you could really do with losing a stone or two”.

The same goes for cleaning equipment, cooking equipment, and anything else she can use “about the house”. If in doubt, spend the money on a weekend away somewhere nice.

Anyway, back to this horror show ad, which proves, however much we might not like to admit it, that the feminists are sometimes right.

First, that woman does not need to lose weight or get fit. She looks like that having already had at least one child, that we know about.

Second, however much the ad might try to tell you she is enjoying the present, she decidedly is not. Look at this face:

Third, she’s getting up at 6am in the morning to exercise. Whatever the ad says, this is not a woman with a happy life.

Fourth, and this is where it really gets weird, she’s sitting down with him next Christmas to apparently review her progress over the course of the year, on their television. What? Who does that?

There are really only two possibilities here: Either this is a weirdly controlling husband, or this is a very strange woman. My money’s on the first one.

Don’t do it. No woman ever felt loved by being told that she needs more exercise. This is the worst husband in the world.

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