Detective Garda Brian Saunderson claimed the accused had punched the man in a completely unprovoked attack before the injured party ran out.

The accused allegedly followed him “with a knife in his hand”.

According to the prosecution bail objections, Mr Nalchutsrishibili ran after the injured party and stabbed him in the shoulder area.

It is not the first time such incidents have been reported.

Last January, eight men were charged in connection with a violent incident in a Killarney Hotel being used as a refugee centre after a stabbing spree broke out which resulted in four people needing hospital treatment.

And last month, a FOI request on a report regarding the migrant centre in Citywest revealed that armed Gardaí had been required to quell riots; the Muslim feast of Ramadan was described as a “flashpoint” that had led to “significant violent incidents”; and there were reports of serious injuries.

So the man who appeared in court last week was living in a direct provision centre, had no passport according to the Gardai, was accused of stabbing another man in an “unprovoked assault”, and was earning €700 a week and getting €30 social welfare. Our immigration system is a farce.