This “hot mic” video of ABC news Anchor Amy Robach is extraordinary, and it speaks for itself. Very little comment needed. Watch the whole thing:

To be clear, for those of you not exactly sure what she’s talking about, she is saying that ABC news had the full story on Jeffrey Epstein, but chose not to run it, for, amongst other reasons, the risk that it might damage their chances at an interview with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

That is damning.

Credit to project veritas for the scoop. It’s a whopper.

Update: ABC News has issued a statement, and it stinks:

“Didn’t meet their editorial standards”? How does that compute with Robach’s statement that “we had everything”, or that her story was spiked in part because of a desire to get the comfy interview with Wills and Kate?

As someone who used to work in corporate PR, here’s some good advice: When you have a chance to believe what someone says when they think nobody is watching, or the chance to believe a scripted corporate statement, choose the former every time.

Update two: Oh, man