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A retraction, and an apology.

Earlier today, we published a story that was not true.

Because we are committed to being transparent, and honest with our readers, you deserve an explanation, and an apology.

Earlier today Gript Media confirmed with two sources – one a sitting Government TD – that a contract awarded to a company to run a bicycle rental scheme in the midlands, was awarded to a company run by Eamon Ryan’s nephew, Conal Keaney. While it is true that Mr. Keaney was awarded the contract, it is not true that he is Eamon Ryan’s nephew.

This story appeared on our website and social media platforms for about four hours.

It appeared because we were provided information in good faith by two usually reliable sources, who we trust. We fully believed it to be true at the time of publishing. However, we have since discovered – by ourselves – that it is not. For the avoidance of doubt, we have not been contacted by Mr. Keaney, Mr. Ryan, or any representative of them.

We do owe them, however, a sincere and complete apology. To both men, we are very sorry. To our readers, too, we are very sorry.

As soon as we discovered our error, we removed the piece from our site and all social media platforms, and we sincerely apologise for the error.

From time to time, we will get it wrong. On this occasion, we got it badly wrong, and we wanted to be honest with you about that, and the reasons why.

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