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15 Italians who were in Ireland test positive for Coronavirus on return to Italy

15 Italians who were in Ireland for flight assistant training with  Ryanair have Covid19. Some of them were under treatment in two hospitals  in Dublin while others have been quarantined.

It is believed that they contracted the virus in Bergamo, near Milan, where the training began. Bergamo is the area with of the largest number
of Corona virus deaths in Italy. Ryanair daily direct flights from Bergamo (Orio al Serio) to Dublin were discontinued only on 10th March.

The group left Bergamo for Bari on 2nd March, when the whole Lombardy region was locked down, and they arrived in Dublin on Saturday 7th March.

At their arrival, two female members felt sick and were admitted in hospital. They were among the first cases of Covid19 diagnosed in Ireland.

When tested, 15 of the 17 participants in the training course have been  found infected. The two who are not infected were not from Italy. The groups is now in quarantine but some have been told that they can leave on 26th March, according to an TV interview given by one of them.

“We are stuck here and none of us has been visited by a doctor, apart from four girls who were brought to the hospital as they were feeling
sick and then released.”, said the young man.



Dr Angelo Bottone holds a PhD in philosophy. He has published books and articles on John Henry Newman, Paul Ricoeur, Ludwig Wittgenstein, multiculturalism, ethics and politics. He lectures in philosophy at University College Dublin and Dublin Business School. 


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