Credit: U.S. Army photos by Sgt. David Resnick

Zelensky frustrated that the world’s focus not on Ukraine anymore

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed frustration that “the world is not focused” on the war in Ukraine anymore.

The comments were made this week in Kiev when UK Foreign Minister David Cameron made his first foreign trip since taking office, visiting the beleaguered Ukrainian President amid his country’s ongoing war with Russia.

Zelensky thanked Cameron for coming, saying “It’s very important,” and adding: “Now you know the world is not focused on this situation or on our battlefield in Ukraine.”

“Dividing focus really doesn’t help,” Zelensky said, later going on to say: “We understand that the help of the world can be divided because the crisis in the Middle East and it’s a pity…”

Cameron responded by saying that “We” (meaning Britain) “will continue to give you the moral
support, the diplomatic support, the economic support, but above all, the military support that you need, not just this year, and next year, but for however long it takes.”

He added: “It’s really important to have this meeting, to hear what you most need, to work out how we can work together, how we can get the communications right with all our friends and allies to make sure the attention is here in Ukraine, and I feel this very personally.”

Zelensky went on later to say on social media that the pair had discussed “weapons for the frontline, strengthening air defence, and protecting our people and critical infrastructure.”

“I am grateful to the UK for its support!” he added.


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A Call for Honesty
10 days ago

All the Western leaders who have been warmongers encouraging Zelensky to follow his ambitions are accomplices to the sacrifice of likely 600 000 Ukrainian men and as many injured. They had the opportunity to negotiate a peace settlement early in the conflict. However, it appears that Boris Johnson deliberately sank the process of negotiations that was taking place believing they could destroy Russia economically. He has a trail of failures follow him both in his personal life and as politician but this may prove to be the worst.

Anne Donnellan
10 days ago

It is as if Western leaders want to tank their economies….ab ordo

A Call for Honesty
10 days ago

If it is true that Russians soldiers have been shocked to find dead women soldiers in the frontline trenches then it proves that Zelensky has no real concern for his people. If this were happening the other way around the MSM would be reporting around the clock on this but they have been forced to report that Russia is winning the war.

Andrew Sheahan
10 days ago

Sadly I fear millions of people in Ukraine will die before they release they can’t win and a treaty is the only option.

10 days ago
Reply to  Andrew Sheahan

The Ukraine neo-Nazi Regime was induced to go to war against the might of the Russian Federation by promises of financial and weapons support from the US/Nato and later in March 22 after a peace Agreement had been reached in Instanbul by the intervention of messenger boy Boris Johnstone to break the agreement and continue the war.
This war started in 2014 ,when the democratically elected President Yuchenko was overthrown in a violent Coup, funded and organised by the US/NATO, using neoNazi Banderite extremists of Western Ukraine.
.US/NATO expected Russia to collapse quickly from trade and financial sanctions .Russia has become stronger economically and Militarily, developing its own substitutes for Western goods and insisting on Ruble payments for its exports of oil ,gad wheat and fertiliser.
This has causued consternation in the Financial Markets and damaged the European Nations ,with the loss of export Markets to Russia.
The Europen economies are irreparably damaged by the loss of cheap Russian gas ,by the destruction of the Russian pipeline supplyin the Baltic by the US Navy and other Nato forces.
The importation of US LNG at about 3x times the Russian price has contributed to inflation in the EU and the destruction of the German manufacturing base.
The war from Feb 22/2022 has been one of attrition versus production.The 31 Nations of NATO have been unable to match Russian production of weapons at a 7/1 ratio.
US and EU engineering production has been degraded by Green ideologies and transfer of plant and skills to the East to profit from low labour costs
War is won by logistics and this was always a’ no contest’ affair.
It is now coming to a conclusion as Ukraine runs out of weapons and manpower. The fall of Avdika is imminent and will be the last Alamo for the Kiev Regime.
There will be no negotiation and likely no Ukraine at the termination of the conflict.Trust has long been broken by the treachery of the Minsk Peace Agreements, passed by the UN and never implemented.
The proxy US/NATO war ,using Ukraine as the Patsy has been a Foreign policy disaster for the US and has hastened the Hegemon and its allies collapse.
These are Epoch changing times as Military,economic and Monetary power swings to the East and Ireland suffers collateral damage for supporting a failing Empire.of death and chaos.

A Call for Honesty
10 days ago
Reply to  Daniel BUCKLEY

This is all Russian propaganda together with all the social media notices, obituaries, expanded cemeteries etc in Ukraine/sarc.

10 days ago

You make zee joke,

A Call for Honesty
10 days ago
Reply to  Daniel BUCKLEY

I was simply quoting the kind of response to your detailed comment one finds in the Mainstream Media – not agreeing with them – and hence ending with “sarc = sarcasm” but it seems many readers did not catch this. Perhaps I should just stick to saying things in plain language as this war is no joking matter.

Alexia Abnett
4 days ago
Reply to  Daniel BUCKLEY

Hear Hear!

9 days ago

The war is over. Russia has beaten NATO. 500.000 UKRAINIANS dead. Millions displaced. The economy destroyed. Russia stronger than ever. This is a cluster f##k. Our bone head politicians waved the blue and yellow flag,flooded our country with Ukrainians while sending others to Die for NATO.
There’s a rope waiting for Zelenski and it’s being tied by the nazi azovs.

Alexia Abnett
4 days ago

Dont cry Zelensky, you knew what you were getting into. Did he honestly believe Biden and his cronies? No, as long as the gravy trian carried on he would send his virile men, and childbearing women to their deaths to satify his greed. Men who will never see a family. It is unforgivable what he has allowed to happen. A real slug on the cabbage of life. Th Americans are a superpower because they wage wars, and the rest of the planet is colateral damage. Is it no wonder the west is gravitating towards the east? en masse.

In the light of his recent political statements, would you vote for Conor McGregor if he ran for election?

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