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“Young people do not leave Ireland. This is your country.”

Sharon Keogan makes appeal

Senator Sharon Keogan has made a heartfelt appeal to young people not to leave Ireland as polls show growing numbers say the country has become a harsh place for their generation.

The independent Senator took to Twitter to tell young people ‘this is your country’ – and to urge them to “demand better” from their politicians.

Young people do not leave Ireland. This is your country, you deserve the same opportunities to own your own homes as previous generations. Demand better from your politicians,” she wrote. 


A Red C poll for the National Youth Council of Ireland, published this week, found that 70% of people aged 18-24 say they are considering moving abroad because they think they would enjoy a better quality of life outside of Ireland.

80% of young people polled also said they are fearful for the future – and half of that age group said that they were experiencing worse mental health because of cost of living concerns.

Senator Keogan’s tweet attracted hundreds of likes and some strong responses. One man, who said he had returned from abroad to live in Ireland, said that many people were leaving because they wanted a normal life for their families.

“Never wanted to leave. Having a roof over your head that you own, food on the table, provide for your family, educate the kids, have the holidays, pay the dentist, mortgage, bills etc was once upon a time, normal for a man in Ireland. Now though..” he wrote.

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