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Women’s rights group slam Drag Queens event which included children 

Cork radio station RedFM has come under fire for bringing Drag Queens to deliver a food box in what was described as  ‘overtly sexualised’ event which included children. 

The men in drag wore thongs with tights as they danced as part of a Heels on Wheels stunt organised with the radio station.

The event invited significant comment on social media, with many observers taking issue with what they saw as the “highly sexualised” nature of drag, and its suitability for children.

You wouldn’t invite women dressed like this to put on a show for a children’s home. So why men? @CorksRedFM you’ve  lost your minds,” said one woman.

“Is this appropriate for children?” she also asked.

Fair Play for Women, who describe themselves as “a campaign and consultancy organisation dedicated to defending the sex-based rights of women and girls”, retweeted the critical post saying “Exactly  this”.

One woman added: Drag and children should not be mentioned in the same sentence. It’s sick when you introduce sexual adult themes to minors, please stop!!!”

Another woman, who described herself as a “Women’s Liberation enthusiast” said the event was a “disgrace”. “If that was an actual woman making moves like that everyone literally everyone would be calling this out,” wrote another woman.


Another account was one of many who strongly agreed with those sentiments.

“Of all the things they could have done, this is what they went with. What about someone singing, a magician, someone doing acrobatics. Anything at all,” wrote one commentator.

Some asked why there seemed to be a “deluge of drag events specifically for children?” while one woman said she found “the  hypersexualised presentation of women for mockery and parody by men, to be totally inappropriate for children at any time.”


One dad asked: “Why? Why would anyone think children would have any interest in something like this? Who is this serving?”

Other comments included ‘disgusting’ and ‘sick’, ‘ridiculous’ and ‘pointless’, while several comments described it as “warped” and strongly challenged Red FM for its role in the event.

However, some commentators described it as ‘glam’ and ‘harmless fun’ and described critics as “Karens”.

But another women’s rights campaigner said: Why would CorksRed FM think this is something children should be watching? I’d like to genuinely know why they think it is appropriate for kids to watch this?


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