Photo credit: Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA)

Women’s group calls on LGFA to revise trans policy at Tullamore meeting 

Sports spokeswoman for the Countess Advocacy Group, Sorcha Nic Lochlainn, is calling on the LGFA Central Council to revise its
Transgender Policy and protect women and girls in the sport.

Ms Nic Lochlainn said, “The LGFA policy is a betrayal of women and girls in Gaelic football and needs to be overturned at the earliest possible opportunity.”

She went on to say,

“The policy allows males over the age of 12 to play against females and is totally unfair and unsafe. It seems to have been brought in to allow a specific player, Giulia Valentino, to play with Na Gaeil Aeracha. This team has no underage teams, doesn’t feed into development, etc., yet has been able to effectively undermine the sport by enabling a man who says he is a woman to enter the game. This is unacceptable.”

The Countess is campaigning against the policy, which was introduced in February of this year and has been criticised by players, coaches, and referees. Ms Nic Lochlainn stated,

“The LGFA policy values the inclusion of men who say they are women over fairness and safety for female players. This leads to women and girls being excluded, either through losing places and opportunities or excluding themselves because of concern over competing against a male player. This is a particular issue when younger players are asked to play up an age group and their parents or coaches simply refuse to play when faced with a male on the opposing team.”

She also said, “This policy has come in at a time when more and more people are waking up to the reality that women’s sport is under threat from male incursion all over the world. The LGFA should do the right thing, admit they were wrong, follow the science, and limit participation to those born female only.”

The Countess is reminding all LGFA Club members that they can request that their County Delegate raise this issue at Central Council.

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