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Woman Visited by Police Accused of Being “Untoward About Paedophiles”

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee, who confirmed last year that biological males can be put in female prisons, recently discussed  ‘hate crime law’ that she wishes to bring into legislation this September, after the Dail summer recess.

Gript previously reported that the legislation contains protections for gender specific incidents with McEntee quoted as saying “that includes gender identity”.

In the UK social media personality Kellie Jay Keen, previously gained notoriety after supermarket chain Waitrose threatened to withdraw services from the mother of four, after she had a heated verbal exchange with a transgender ‘delivery partner’.

This took place after the person, who Keen described as a ‘man with long hair’ became upset at signs Keen had on display on her business premises reading, ‘Woman: adult human female’.

Keen is trending again after she says police officers visited her home last Sunday to inform her that she had committed a ‘hate crime’ by being “untoward about paedophiles” in comments she allegedly made on her youtube channel.

Keen says officers said they had received a complaint from a member of the public about the alleged comments although she says the officers admitted that they did not watch the video in question, and were unaware of the specific nature of the alleged comments themselves.

Keen says the incident has now been recorded by police as a ‘hate incident’, and says “she can’t think of what the video was”.

Keen has repeatedly stated that biological men should not use women’s spaces like bathrooms and changing rooms, saying that, in her opinion, such individuals who enter spaces where girls under 13 are present are predators.

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